Charterparties & Bills of Lading

Nautica Law’s core area of practice is advising on and handling all types of dispute concerning charterparties and bills of lading.

These include:

  • Payment (or not) of hire
  • Speed and performance
  • Seaworthiness/maintenance
  • Laytime and demurrage
  • Unsafe ports
  • Cargo and cargo operations
  • Delivery/redelivery
  • Bunkers
  • Cancellation
  • Hague/Hague-Visby and Inter-Club Agreement liabilities
  • General average

We also deal with all related issues such as obtaining security (arrest and attachment), jurisdiction, repudiation/renunciation and damages.

All members of the firm are experienced in dealing with disputes under time, voyage and bareboat charterparties, and bills of lading, whether in respect of bulk, container or liquid cargoes, and under every standard form.

We have also drafted standard form charterparties and bills of lading.

We act for shipowners, charterers, P&I Clubs, oil majors, commodity traders and insurance companies, from the smallest off-hire or demurrage claim to highly complex multi-million dollar disputes spanning several jurisdictions.

The sheer variety of disputes under charterparties means that no two days are ever the same.

From leaking hatch covers to cargo fires to delays in the Suez Canal, via piracy, ice damage, insolvent charterers and broken cranes, if anything can happen, it will.

James King
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