Ship Sale & Purchase and Shipbuilding

We have acted in many ship sale & purchase and shipbuilding cases over the years. At the negotiation stage, we advise clients on the wording of shipbuilding contracts and assist with the discussions on their terms.

We also act in relation to disputes concerning MOAs and shipbuilding contracts.

In the context of the NSF form, examples of the types of disputes in which we have acted are:

  • Issues concerning whether parties are contractually bound to an S&P deal;
  • The seller’s remedies for a buyer’s failure to pay the deposit or take delivery;
  • The buyer’s rights as regards the condition of the vessel on delivery.

As regards shipbuilding contracts, we have represented clients in many arbitrations over the years involving issues concerning:

  • Permissible delay and the extension of time for delivery;
  • Rescission/cancellation for delay;
  • The refund of pre-delivery instalments, and enforcement under refund guarantees;
  • Conformity of the newbuilding with the specifications, and whether she is ready for delivery;
  • The warranty of quality, and the limitation of liability for post-delivery defects.

The sums in dispute are often huge and can turn on the smallest detail, so every case is exciting and challenging.

Christopher Wood
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