Trade & Commodities

Nautica Law has extensive experience in trade and commodities that complements our core shipping work.

We regularly act for traders involved in:

  • Quality disputes and cargo contamination/damage claims
  • Final and binding quality disputes
  • Laycan and delay claims
  • Force majeure claims and resulting disputes
  • Enforceability of contracts
  • Letter of Credit disputes
  • Damages claims concerning futures trading & hedges

We understand how the markets work and how to operate as part of a team to work effectively with lawyers in other jurisdictions to achieve results. We know when and how to get the right experts and Counsel involved to support our clients.

Nautica Law has years of experience of arbitrating with the LCIA, SIAC and ICC as well as obtaining security in various jurisdictions around the world and, where appropriate, piercing the corporate veil to enforce a judgment.

Based on our experience, we also work with clients to prevent problems from arising by drafting and amending contracts and also highlighting red flag issues before problems arise.

These disputes typically involve a buyer, seller or a chain of contacts and a vessel. When things get difficult, you have to understand both the sale and purchase contracts as well as the charterparty and perhaps most importantly, the market.

Very challenging, very interesting and never a dull moment.

Graeme Lloyd
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